Seems like I’m focusing on poultry and fowl – but I just wanted to share that we got our next set of layer babies in so they can be laying in spring:

Day-old chicks arrive at the Post Office!

We generally get two seasons out of our layers before they head for the soup pot. And unfortunately we lose some to hawks and other predators. To keep a healthy flock of active layers, we get 25-30 every six months.

For whatever reason, most hens on the east coast are expected to lay brown eggs, so we get Rhode Island Reds and Australorps. We also love the Easter Eggers that lay blue and green eggs. Occasionally we will get some Leghorns for white shells or more exotic chickens just for fun! No matter what the breed, they lay delicious technicolor eggs for your breakfast delight:



Our ducks finally made it over the pond after spending the summer moving through the hop yard:

We move animals regularly on the farm – our meat chickens get moved daily, while the egg layers, turkeys, ducks, goats, and pigs move less often depending on their pasture and how much rain we get.

So far, they haven’t figured out that the pond is water yet! They were used to swimming in their little pool, but I expect that one of them will take the plunge soon.

Feel free to stroll around the farm when you come for a visit and say “hi” to the animals – just don’t feed them or touch them, and beware the electric fence! Our meat chickens and turkeys are done for the year, but we still have layers, ducks, goats, and pigs.