Run, Run, Run…

I am not the best runner. One could charitably describe me as “slow”. On my best days I might touch on a nine-minute mile, but recently I’ve been meandering more at the ten minute mark.

However, I do enjoy signing up for regional races. I find the excitement of the race setting helps me pick up the pace, and I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow racers, even if those of us in the middle (and rear) of the pack are mostly running for fun.

Me, after a particularly hot and humid run up in Warwick, New York.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has put the kibosh on most races, but I’m still trying to do a few virtual runs here at the farm. I’ve signed up for the Sharon Road Race and the Kent Pumpkin Run, both of which I do every year. Both of them support local institutions (Sharon Day Care and the Kent Food Bank).

So, I may not see you at the race, but I’ll be doing the runs on the nice day of my choice and sending in my results for my virtual prize!

Here’s the route, if you happen to use RunKeeper. Feel free to follow along!

Water Woes

2020 is just doing its best to cause us trouble.

Now that we’re finally getting ready to open, our primary well pump gave up the ghost last night after frying our pump controller. After some panicked troubleshooting to confirm the problem, our local experts from Tomascak Plumbing showed up and pulled the well string to take a look.

Fortunately, it looks like it was just the power lines down to the pump that were damaged and not the pump itself – most likely due to the power issues we had last month when we were out of power for five days and had some very power-quality power after Eversource brought us back on line. Now the power line has been repaired, and the entire water system is undergoing a sanitary cycle prior to coming back in service.

Our water is tested and monitored on regular basis for quality and bacteria, and we have a UV sterilization system installed to make sure the water is 100% pure. Feel free to ask us any questions about it, we are very proud of our aquifer and the tasty water that comes out of it for the Inn and the brewery as well.

We’re Reopening!

We have reviewed the state of Connecticut requirements for reopening, and are happy to welcome guests back to the Inn. A few notes/updates:

  • Guests will be required to confirm they have no symptoms or COVID-exposure in the past two weeks, have their temperature checked, and wear a mask in the common areas and sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • The common-area restroom will be closed, guests will be asked to use the restroom in their rooms.
  • Breakfast will be served outside (weather permitting) or as a take-away breakfast option.
  • Rooms will be passively-sanitized for 24 hours after guests depart, followed by an active cleaning.

Additional details will be provided upon check-in. We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all of us.

Project Purple – Thursdays in February

project purple logo

Join us Thursdays this February 2020 in the Tasting Room at Kent Falls Brewing Company where we are supporting Project Purple. Kent Falls Brewing will be donating $1 for every draft beer served to help raise awareness and an eventual cure for pancreatic cancer. Please visit their website at to learn more about their organization, the work they do, and how you can help!